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The tradition of Soto Zen has its roots in monastic practice, which is still maintained to this day. Emulating this container of spiritual discipline, OZC strives to carry forward this vigorous spirit of practice in offering a schedule of weekday morning practice. It is our hope that that community members may participate as they are able, and so we've crafted a schedule that allows participants to come and go at transition points.


During morning practice, we maintain “Noble Silence:” a posture of responsive and quiet attentiveness. Though it is not necessary, we recommend those interested in attending morning practice attend the Introduction to Zazen and Sunday program first so as to get a sense of the community and forms we use to practice harmoniously together.

We hope you join us, in-person or over Zoom.


See further information below the schedule, but please note that not all questions will be answered here! A time honored way to learn in Zen is to jump right in and follow along—if you don’t know how to do something or forget what comes next, it is a great joy for an experienced practitioner to point you in the right direction.


Practice Schedule

Occasional variations to the schedule happen, so please sign up for our weekly digest, where all upcoming events & announcements are published.

In-Person and On Zoom

Wednesday through Friday

6:30a.m. – 7:45 a.m.

6:30          Zazen, Robe Verse

7:10           Morning Service

7:30          Opening the Founder's Altar

7:45           Finish

Wednesday evening

6:00 p.m.   Orientation for Newcomers

6:45           Zazen, Ceremony, Study of Text

Sunday Morning

9:00          Zazen, Ceremony

10:00        Temple Care, 

10:30         Zazen, Dharma Talk and Social Time

First Saturday of the Month

8:30 a.m. to noon – Zazen and Care of the Temple and Land

Third Saturday of the Month

One-Day Retreat

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Includes periods of Zazen, Ceremony, Lunch, Temple Care


Practice with us through the completion of Morning Service. 

Zoom Meeting ID: 871 9656 1538

Chanting Service:

Join us for the morning chanting service after Zazen. Simply follow along as best as you are able over Zoom in the space your are in. The very last portion of the chanting service is not offered over Zoom, as we leave the ceremony hall to open various altars by offerings chanting, incense, and prostrations.

Click here to download OZC Chant book.

Click here to download the Gratitude to the Spirits of the Land chant.

Click here to download the Song of Ryokan chant.

Noble Silence:

In formal Zen practice, we cultivate quiet, attentive, and non-social space together. Particularly in our modern human world, our minds exist in a torrent of words, images, and sensory overload. Though spiritual practice isn’t limited to sitting still and being quiet, finding our way on the cushion in the deep sea of mind is aided by silence and stillness.



Dokusan means to meet yourself, and we meet with a teacher to discover our self in the mirror of practice. In meeting with a teacher we may discuss practice or other concerns about life progress. Please inquire and make an appointment with the Abbot or Vice Abbot who will be glad to meet with you, preferably in person, although on zoom is also an option.

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