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Writing the Dharma

Some of our Authors

Carolyn Joshin Atkinson • Shosan Victoria Austin • Jan Chozen Bays • Melissa Myozen Blacker • Enji Boissevain • Myosho Ann Kyle-Brown • Domyo Burk • Konin Cardenas • Eido Frances Carney •  Hobu Beata Chapman • Myoen Jisen Coghlan • Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts • Shotai De La Rosa • Meian Elbert • Sarah Dojin Emerson • Diane Shoshin Fitzgerald • Sosan Theresa Flynn • Setsuan Gaelyn Godwin • Myo-O Marilyn Habermas-Scher • Joan Halifax • Isshin Havens •  Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts • Shunzan Jill Kaplan • Hoko Karnegis • Daijaku Kinst • Etsudo Patty Krahl • Myoshin Kate McCandless • Heiku Jaime McLeod • Misha Shungen Merrill • Zenki Mary Mocine • Teijo Munnich • Wendy Egyoku Nakao • Pat Enkyo O’Hara • Tonen O'Connor • Joen Snyder O’Neal • Josho Pat Phelan • Jion Susan Postal • Byakuren Judith Ragir • Shinshu Roberts • Tenku Ruff • Daigaku Rummé • Seisen Saunders • Myoan Grace Schireson • Myokaku Jane Schneider • Shodo Spring • Ganman Cathy Toldi • Meiren Val Szymanski • Jisho Warner

Who We Are

Temple Ground Press is a subsidiary of Olympia Zen Center. It was founded by Eido Frances Carney in order to publish women's voices in the Dharma so that future Zen students may be able to trace the history and articulation of women teachers of this century. Each generation exploring the lineage will ask how did earlier teachers function in the world, how did they teach, how did they come forward and become visible, how did they lead?

Since we ourselves at this time are disappointed by limited evidence in researching our own lost sisters, we feel an obligation to care for the future by offering our voices now so we do not create an absence on which future claims of exclusion may be based. We are responsible for ourselves, and we have a duty to see that we do not generate wars of gender and discrimination into the future.

Eido Mary Frances Carney is founder and chief editor of Temple Ground Press. She is a Transmitted Soto Zen priest and teacher and founder of Olympia Zen Center in Olympia, Washington, in lineage with the poet/priest Ryokan. She is also a writer and painter and publishes fiction and non-fiction, and occasionally exhibits her paintings.



Jikyo Cheryl Wolfer has served as editor for: Seeds of Virtue, Seeds of Change, The Eightfold Path, and our latest book, A Blueprint of Enlightenment. Jikyo has long experience as administrator of a large public library system in Northwestern Washington, and is a Transmitted Soto Zen priest and teacher. She is currently Vice-Abbot of Olympia Zen Center.

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Our book designer, Fletcher Ward, is a founding sangha member of Olympia Zen Center. Fletcher is skilled in graphic design, filmmaking, audio production, and more.

Temple Ground Books

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