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Join us on Sundays for practice, a Dharma talk, and social enjoyment. This is our main gathering of the week where the Sangha (community of practitioners) comes together to practice, share social space, and learn

about the teachings. On special days of ceremony,

this schedule is subject to slight variations.


Sunday Program

9:00 – 11:30am

9:00am            Zazen (Meditation)

9:40                  Ceremony with Chanting

10:00                Soji (Temple Care-Taking)

10:30                 Zazen

11:00                 Dharma Talk

11:30                 Coffee, Treats, and Social Interaction

Links for Chanting Ceremony:

PDF of Sunday Chants



Link to OZC Sutra Book

When should I arrive?

You may come for 9:00 am zazen (please be on the cushion by 8:57). Or arrive at 10:00, to join in temple cleaning, or at 10:30 for the shorter zazen period followed by Dharma talk.

Access by Zoom

Join us on Zoom anytime, from 9am through the Dharma talk.

Zoom Meeting ID: 871 9656 1538

PDF of OZC's Liturgy

Are kids and babies welcome? Do you have a children’s program?

Although the community dreams of having a children’s program, we currently do not. There are no set guidelines on children attending the Sunday program, but it is worth inquiring about bringing your baby or children with you to the Sunday program. Please email

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