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Join us on Sundays for practice, a Dharma talk, and fellowship. This is our main gathering of the week where the Sangha (community of practitioners) comes together to practice, share social space, and learn about the teachings. On special days of ceremony, this schedule is subject to slight variations.


Sunday Program

9:00am – 11:30

8:50am-9:40    (Optional: Introduction to OZC)

9:00am            Zazen (Meditation)

9:40                  Ceremony with Chanting

10:00                Samu (Temple Care-Taking)

10:30                 Zazen

11:00                 Dharma Talk

11:30                 Coffee, Treats, and Fellowship

Links for Chanting Ceremony:

PDF of Sunday Chants



Link to OZC Sutra Book

Introduction to Olympia Zen Center

This weekly program runs side-by-side with the usual morning program. Designed specifically for newcomers, this short workshop offers a quick tour of the space and instruction in Zazen (the meditation practiced in our school of Zen) from an experienced practitioner. Your instructor will also guide you through the rest of the morning program when the introduction merges with the rest of the community for the main program.

The instructor will meet you inside the lobby at the main entrance. Please arrive no later than 8:50am. No registration necessary. We look forward to meeting you and showing you the community!

When should I arrive?

You can join practice either at the 9am start for zazen, at 10am for the beginning of Samu. Either option is fine! It is best to arrive 5-10 minutes early.

Access by Zoom

Join us on Zoom from 9am through the Dharma talk.

The Introduction to Meditation is not available on Zoom at this time.

Zoom ID:  971 9333 0252
Password:  324839
                              PDF of Sunday Chants

Are kids and babies welcome? Do you have a children’s program?

Although the community dreams of having a children’s program, we currently do not. There are no set guidelines on children attending the Sunday program, but it is worth speaking with the Head of Practice (Genjo) for a conversation about bringing your baby or children with you to the Sunday program. Please email

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