Rohatsu Sesshin

Meditation Intensive

December 4th - 10th

This retreat is central to our tradition and celebrated by Zen Buddhists around the world. Rohatsu literally means "the 8th day of the month of Ro." This is our December 8th, the day that the Buddha awakened in Northern India twenty-five hundred years ago. During this meditation intensive we celebrate his accomplishment by offering our deepest aspiration for awakening through practice.


It is possible to spend the night at the center during the retreat, and participants may join in part-time and over Zoom. Simply email tell us your schedule when registering. For those working day-time jobs, making a commitment to attend evening or mornings sessions is recommended. Regular dharma talks will be offered, and there will be ongoing opportunities to meet with the Head of Practice. Please see below for the schedule and required registration.

If you have any questions, please look at the registration first to see if your question is answered there. Otherwise, don't hesitate to reach out to Genjo, the Head of Practice, at

There is no fee for the retreat, or for any practice activities here at Olympia Zen Center. Meals are offered with an open heart, and the teachings are given freely. This community relies of the practice of Generosity, called Dana, to ensure continued flourishing. Likewise, the Head of Practice relies on the community for financial sustenance. So that the Dharma may be sustained, please consider making a donation to the community and, separately, to the Head of Practice.


Sunday, 4th

6:00    Orientation

7:00    Zazen, Kinhin

7:50    Zazen, Kinhin

8:30    Zazen

9:00    9 bows

Monday - Friday, 5th - 9th

5:55     Han

6:00     Zazen, Robe Verse, Kinhin    

7:00     Morning Ceremony

7:40     Temple Care-taking

8:10     Breakfast, Break

9:30     Zazen, Kinhin      

10:10   Zazen, Kinhin  

10:50   Zazen, Kinhin  

11:30   Mid-Day Ceremony

11:45   Lunch, Clean-up, Break

1:10     Work Practice

3:00     Clean-up, Informal tea

3:30     Zazen, Kinhin  

4:20     Zazen, Kinhin    

5:00     Afternoon Service

5:30     Dinner, Clean-up, Break

7:00     Zazen, Kinhin      

7:40     Zazen, Kinhin  

8:30     Zazen          

9:00     9 Bows

Wednesday Night, the 7th, after dinner:

7:00     Zazen, Kinhin      

7:50     Fusatsu, Ceremony of Atonement         

             9 Bows to close

Saturday, 10th

5:55     Han

6:00     Zazen, Robe Verse

6:45     Temple Care-taking

7:20     Breakfast, Break, Preparations

Usual Weekend Program:

9:00     Zazen

10:00   Zazen, Talk, Ceremony

11:30   Fellowship

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