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One-day Retreat

In-Person and on Zoom
Saturday, March 18th
8:40am - 4pm


Through the Spring Equinox isn't until the 20th of March, we can feel the marks of emerging energy all around us: the ambivalent wind, rain, and sunshine, fresh bird song abounds, and the blessed lengthening of days.

Another winter, come and gone: the darkness met and endured. Now, a time of rejuvenation, of multiplication, and fertility in the world. Let's enjoy the bright turning of the season side-by-side in the Zendo and elbow-to-elbow with our dirty hands in the earth.

Aren't we lucky?

There is no fee for the retreat, or for any practice activities here at Olympia Zen Center. Meals are offered with an open heart, and the teachings are given freely. This community relies of the practice of Generosity, called Dana, to ensure continued flourishing. Likewise, the Head of Practice relies on the community for financial sustenance. So that the Dharma may be sustained, please consider making a donation to the community and, separately, to the Head of Practice.


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  8:40   Orientation 

  9:00   Zazen

  9:40   Kinhin

  9:50   Zazen

10:30   Kinhin

10:40   Zazen

11:20   Kinhin

11:30   Ceremony

11:50   Lunch / Break

  1:10   Zazen

  1:20   Work Period

  2:45   Cleanup / Break

  3:10   Zazen

  3:50   Ceremony

  4:00   Finish

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